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A Friendly Scare is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Scarecrow (NPC) (HalloweenScarecrow).png Scarecrow (NPC): It's amazing that you can run around like that. Hey, could you do something for me? There's a bunch of humans here, and they are acting way too calm for my taste. Go and scare EDGAR and JUNI, ok? 


COZYVILLE: TALK to EDGAR and JUNI in COZYVILLE. Juni is by the TUGBOAT and EDGAR stands in front of his house. Report back to the SCARECROW.



Scarecrow (NPC) (HalloweenScarecrow).png Scarecrow (NPC): EDGAR is standing in front of a house and JUNI is on the wooden PIER. Scare them for me! 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

Quest Completion Dialogue

Scarecrow (NPC) (HalloweenScarecrow).png Scarecrow (NPC): Did they become completely terrified? No? Aw... but it was worth a try. 

In other languages

Language Name
English English A Friendly Scare
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Um Sustinho Amigo
Spanish Spanish (LA) Un Susto Agradable
French French A Friendly Scare
German German A Friendly Scare
Polish Polish A Friendly Scare
Romanian Romanian O Sperietoare Prietenoasă
Swedish Swedish A Friendly Scare
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