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Abilities are powers that can be used by the player to temporarily increase some statistics such as running, swimming, jumping, or the amount of hearts. They work in a similar way to Potions and Berries but with the caveat that they need some time to recharge after use, they cost a small amount of Gems to use, and they stay with you forever without the need to buy anything else.

You can find them in the Skills tab on your profile. Click and drag your ability to the action bar to use it. You can get the skills through various means including Shops, Quests and even by collecting certain Exploration Tokens.

There are also Class Abilities that can only be learned by reaching certain levels and after choosing a class and completing a line of missions, see Classes for more detailed information.

List of Abilities[edit | edit source]

General Abilities[edit | edit source]

Class Abilities[edit | edit source]