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Alchemy Event is a Seasonal Event in MilMo. Like with most other events, the quest line starts in Seastar Resort, with Konrad being the NPC present.

Event Overview:

Event Content[]

Cash Shop[]

  • None


Medal Description Rewards
Master Alchemist.png Master Alchemist You have completed all tasks in the Alchemy Event! 1xAlchemist's Hat.png Alchemist's Hat,8000 XP.png
Uninspired.png Uninspired You have collected 50 corrupted gems. 100 Gems.png,300 XP.png
Corrupted.png Corrupted You have collected 200 corrupted gems. 500 Gems.png,750 XP.png
Touched by Darkness.png Touched by Darkness You have collected 450 corrupted gems. 1000 Gems.png,1500 XP.png


  • None



Name (Event) Location
Ancient Corruption.png Ancient Corruption (Alchemy Event) Mechalon.png Mechalon
Cacti: The Right Way.png Cacti: The Right Way (Alchemy Event) Propylon.png Propylon
File:Changing Times.png Changing Times (Alchemy Event) Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest
File:Collected Letters.png Collected Letters (Alchemy Event) Treehouse Island.png Treehouse Island
Faded Journal.png Faded Journal (Alchemy Event) Ziggurat.png Ziggurat
File:Helpful Cactus Hints.png Helpful Cactus Hints (Alchemy Event) Crawlspace.png Crawlspace
File:Hunting Monsters (Book) (Alchemy2011Book10).png Hunting Monsters (Book) (Alchemy Event) Swamp Island.png Swamp Island
File:Innovations in Alchemy.png Innovations in Alchemy (Alchemy Event) Ancient Forest.png Ancient Forest
Konrad.png Konrad (Alchemy Event) Seastar Resort.png Seastar Resort
File:On New Corruption.png On New Corruption (Alchemy Event) Cozyville.png Cozyville
File:Professional Mulching.png Professional Mulching (Alchemy Event) Kraken Island.png Kraken Island
File:Raoul's Field Notes.png Raoul's Field Notes (Alchemy Event) Cannon Island.png Cannon Island
File:Raoul's Journal.png Raoul's Journal (Alchemy Event) Nikonos Island.png Nikonos Island