Ancient Forest Cover
Ancient Forest
Summer Tide Saga

"A majestic forest inhabited by fluffy rabbits. Yet the old ruins are haunted by glowing skulls."

Ancient Forest Ancient ForestEdit

Rays of light cut the forest cover and the grass whispers under their feet as they enter the Ancient Forest.

Ancient Forest is the next area to go to after Cozyville. Players unlock Ancient Forest by getting all of the Cozyville Tokens and accepting a quest from Ranulf. If a player tries to enter before completing the quest, they will have a thought bubble stating that there is a "forcefield".

Players will need the Two Faced Key to pass through the portal to The Dunes, which is obtained after completing a series of quests, starting with Something New in Ancient Forest with Greyer.

Ancient Forest Map

Ancient Forest map

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Known bugs/glitchesEdit

  • The grass in the clearing can be irregular in colour.
  • There is a point on the way to Mushroom Forest that won't let you in, but going out and in solves it, however, it is an easier way of accessing The Dunes portal.