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The adventures in MilMo are divided into smaller areas. You can easily access each Island or Level; either by paying Gems or by doing quests for a NPC. In Summer Tide Saga, you will be travelling with Juni by Tugboat or Helicopter, in Mice & Maniax you will travel with Green in a cart, and in Air World you will travel with Aurax. The only adventure that is completely free of charge to travel within is the Chat Room area, including Seastar Resort and The Sanctuary.

The player can access different Areas by opening the map by pressing "M" or clicking on the Navigator at the top on the right side of their screen. After unlocking a new Level, players can quickly travel to their desired area with Telepods.

The Horizon.png The Horizon[]

Map of The Horizon

 • The Brink.png The Brink
 • Arena.png Arena
 • The Sanctuary.png The Sanctuary
 • The Landing (World00:Level03).png The Landing
 • Fisherman's Retreat.png Fisherman's Retreat

Summer Tide Saga.png Summer Tide Saga[]

Map of Summer Tide Saga

 • Seastar Resort.png Seastar Resort
 • Visitor Island.png Visitor Island
 • Kraken Island.png Kraken Island
 • Rhubarb Island.png Rhubarb Island
 • Swamp Island.png Swamp Island
 • Ancient Forest.png Ancient Forest
 • Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest
 • Cozyville.png Cozyville
 • Boss Beach.png Boss Beach
 • Lightmill Island.png Lightmill Island
 • Sage Oak Island.png Sage Oak Island
 • Cannon Island.png Cannon Island
 • Treehouse Island.png Treehouse Island
 • Rose Island.png Rose Island
 • Water Lily Island.png Water Lily Island
 • Nikonos Island.png Nikonos Island
 • Alien Ruins.png Alien Ruins
 • Yacht.png Yacht
 • The Hidden Tor.png The Hidden Tor
 • The Eternal Monument.png The Eternal Monument
 • The Dunes.png The Dunes

Mice & Maniax.png Mice & Maniax[]

Map of Mice & Maniax

 • Spooky Island.png Spooky Island
 • The Refuge.png The Refuge
 • Crawlspace.png Crawlspace
 • Flea Circus.png Flea Circus
 • Kitchen.png Kitchen
 • Living Room.png Living Room

Air World.png Air World[]

Map of Air World

 • Labyrinth.png Labyrinth
 • Propylon.png Propylon
 • Atrium.png Atrium
 • Mezzanine.png Mezzanine
 • Mechalon.png Mechalon
 • Palaestra.png Palaestra
 • Necropolis.png Necropolis
 • Temenos.png Temenos
 • Aviary.png Aviary
 • Ziggurat.png Ziggurat
 • The Village.png The Village
 • Teichos.png Teichos
 • Pyrgos.png Pyrgos
 • Ainigma.png Ainigma
 • Ejekatl.png Ejekatl

Chat Rooms.png Chat Rooms[]

The Chat Rooms