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The Arena is the area where players are able to fight with other players (PvP).


PvP (Player vs. Player) is a type of play that allows players to compete and fight against other players.

In the Arena you do not use your weapons and normal items, but special items within the arena itself. Each game mode provides specific items, which are found in capsules that are in different locations. Weapons can be turned into more powerful weapons, and an important strategy is to make sure you upgrade your weapons. You can also collect different powers such as Berries or the Bomb that can help you win a game.

You can win Medals and prizes for fighting in the arena. See Medals/Arena for more information.

PVP Modes.png Game Modes[]

Deathmatch.png Deathmatch[]

Defeat as many players as you can. The player that has defeated the most enemies win!

Each deathmatch lasts 10 minutes. The winner of each match is the player who has defeated the highest number of players. The top 10 players are assigned "ranking points". The first place receives 10 ranking points, the second place receives 9 and so on. These points will later determine your ranking in the PvP Ladder, which can be seen in the Town screen.

During a match, you can press "Z" to see the score of the current match and how much time is left to finish the match. When finishing a match there is a rest time of a minute.


The guides below is a an explanation of the rules of each mode, and some advanced strategies and tricks.