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Battle other players in exciting Deathmatch games, or view your rank on the official MilMo PVP ladder.

The Arena is the area where players are able to fight with other players (PVP). Players do not use their normal weapons, but special items within the arena itself. These weapons are found in capsules that are in different locations. Guns can be turned into more powerful weapons, and an important strategy is to make sure you upgrade your weapons. You can also collect different powers such as Spikes or the Bomb that can help you win a game.

Each game or match lasts 10 minutes. The winner of each match is the player who has defeated the highest number of players. The top 10 players are assigned "ranking points". The first place receives 10 ranking points, the second place receives 9 and so on. These points will later determine your ranking in the PvP Ladder, which can be seen in the Town screen.

  • Note: You need to quit the game and log in again to see your current ranked score since your last match.


During a match, you can press "Z" to see the score of the current match and how much time is left to finish the match. When finishing a match there is a rest time of a minute.


You can win Medals and prizes for fighting in the arena. See Medals#Arena for more information.

Arena Guide

Here is an explanation of the rules of the Arena, and some advanced strategies and tricks.

The aim of the game is to defeat other players using melee weapons, long range, bombs or even gravity. Everyone starts at the same level and has the same Sage Oak Sword, and no boosts.

Arena Weapons


Weapons are obtained by breaking the capsules and picking up the bubbles containing the weapons. There are five types of weapons: swords, axes, clubs, bows and guns. Each of your weapons can be upgraded twice. Whenever you pick up a weapon of a type you do not have, you are awarded a new level 1 weapon. If you already have a weapon of that particular type, the weapon is upgraded.







Players can pick up boosts. The red heart replenishes health, the green shoe enables the player to jump higher, the red shoe enables the player to run faster, the arrow gives the player more arrows, and the power cell gives more ammunition for Guns.



The skull kills the player on contact, and the spike slows them down enabling other players to target them easily.

Here are the only hindrances in the Arena, other than gravity:

Other Pickups

Other pickups are contained in yellow bubbles that aren't used when battling but will be placed in slots on the screen. Double-clicking or pressing 'F' uses them up, and they can only be used one at a time. Most of these pickups affect speed and health. The bomb is the only offensive pickup which can be thrown at other players.