Backpack opened

The backpack contains almost all of the player's things, except for any housing items. Open your backpack by clicking on the icon or pressing I or B. The backpack has various tabs where different items are categorised.


  • Sunflower.png Items - Most of your items are found here. These are usually items used for quests or Converters and cannot be used for anything else.
  • Upper Body Category.png Clothes - All clothing items are classified into clothing, including hairstyles or pairs of shoes.
  • Items Category.png Weapons - All weapons are placed on the Weapons tab, this also includes tools such as the Shovel and the Net.
  • Health Potion.png Special - Special items are usually consumable items like potions, berries and even drinks and ice cream!
  • Green Lockbox.png Boxes - All items linked to boxes like the Mystery Box, Lockboxes and Lockbox Keys are left here.
  • Open Smithing Converter.png Converters - All Converters and some converter-related materials are found here.
  • Gold Key.png Keys - All key items such as platform keys are on this tab.
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