Blue Ghost Light

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Blue Ghost Light is a catchable Creature in MilMo.


Blue Ghost Light can be found in the following Areas:

Location (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
The Refuge.png The Refuge 6 ~75% 20 seconds
Crawlspace.png Crawlspace 6 ~50% 20 seconds

Related Quests

Related Medals

Catching Blue Ghost Light can unlock the following Medals:

Blue Ghost Light Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by capturing Blue Ghost Light:

  • Blue Ghost Light.png Blue Ghost Light

In other languages

Language Name
English English Blue Ghost Light
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Luz Fantasma Azul
Spanish Spanish (LA) Luz Azul Fantasmal
French French Lumière Fantôme Bleue
German German Blaues Geisterlicht
Polish Polish Niebieskie Światło Ducha
Romanian Romanian Fantomă Albastră Luminată
Swedish Swedish Blue Ghost Light
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