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Blue Lockbox is one of Lockboxes found in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Lockboxes can be dropped, meaning it can be gained from any Monster, Boss, Container or through digging.

Dropped by the following Monsters:

  • None

Related Medals

Opening any type of Lockboxes can unlock these medals:

Blue Lockbox Opened.png Blue Lockbox Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained on Blue Lockbox:

Item Amount
Gem (Gem).png Gem 25000
Gem (Gem).png Gem 5000
Gem (Gem).png Gem 1000
Arrow.png Arrow 60
Cell.png Cell 20
Running Potion (PotionSpeed01).png Running Potion 10
Heroic Potion.png Heroic Potion 10
Jumping Potion (PotionJump01).png Jumping Potion 10
Health Potion.png Health Potion 10
Ocean Potion (OceanPotion).png Ocean Potion 10
Barracuda Berry.png Barracuda Berry 10
Quick Berry.png Quick Berry 10
Rocket Berry.png Rocket Berry 10
Bounce Berry.png Bounce Berry 10
Double Heart Berry.png Double Heart Berry 10
Boost Berry.png Boost Berry 10
Power Berry.png Power Berry 10
Lock Box Key.png Lock Box Key 1
Viking Hammer.png Viking Hammer 1
Witch Hat.png Witch Hat 1
Military Cap.png Military Cap 1
Cowboy Hat.png Cowboy Hat 1
Legendary Goggles.png Legendary Goggles 1
Legendary Sword.png Legendary Sword 1

In other languages

Language Name
English English Blue Lockbox
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Caixa Trancada Azul
Spanish Spanish (LA) Caja Trancada Azul
French French Boîte Verrouillée Bleue
German German Blue Lockbox
Polish Polish Niebieska Skrytka
Romanian Romanian Cutie Albastră
Swedish Swedish Blue Lockbox
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