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Bosses are large and aggressive Monsters, which offer a challenge to players. They have several types of attacks and much more HP (Heart.png) than the normal monsters, but they have exclusive rewards.

Defeating bosses is usually necessary for progressing the game in some way since they drop Keys that give access to new Areas or Items needed for Quests.


List of Bosses[]

There are currently 7 bosses in MilMo:

Main Bosses[]

These bosses are critical in the progress of the game, you have to defeat them some time.

Main Article: Giga-Knight


The Giga-Knight it is a heavy armored knight with a mace that can be found in a cave on Nikonos Island.

Main Article: The Mechalon

O Mechalon

The Mechalon is a giant statue that can be found in Mechalon.

Main Article: The No-Brainer

The No-Brainer

The No-Brainer is a crab-shaped alien robotic probe found in the Boss Beach.

Main Article: Possessed Survivor

Possessed Survivor

The Possessed Survivor is an alien found inside an UFO on Visitor Island.

Member Bosses[]

These bosses are only available to Members, but they are optional, they are not necessary for progression in the game.

Main Article: Cave Skull

Cave Skull

The Cave Skull is a large version of Eerie Skull found in a cave accessed only by Members on Crawlspace.

Main Article: Dread Smasher

Dread Smasher

The Dread Smasher is a giant version of Giga-Knight that is found along with the Dread Summoner on top of the The Hidden Tor which is an area that can be accessed only by Members.

Main Article: Dread Summoner

Dread Summoner

The Dread Summoner it is a small heavy armored knight that is found along with the Dread Smasher on top of the The Hidden Tor which is an area that can be accessed only by Members.