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Cannon Island
Cannon Island
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"The ancient puzzle known as Cannon Island will challenge your wits, and test your daredevil mettle."

Cannon Island is a Area in MilMo.


Cannon Island is situated between Sage Oak Island and Swamp Island in the Summer Tide Saga adventure. Players can also access Propylon by going to the highest platform and using the pedestal.

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



Item (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Round Runestone.png Round Runestone near the tree ~44% 20 seconds
Oddly-Shaped Runestone.png Oddly-Shaped Runestone near the tree ~33% 20 seconds
Oblong Runestone.png Oblong Runestone near the tree ~22% 20 seconds


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Newbloom.png Newbloom ~30%
30 seconds
Chili Flower.png Chili Flower ~25%
30 seconds
Morning Trumpet.png Morning Trumpet ~20%
30 seconds
Sunflower.png Sunflower ~15%
30 seconds
Long Feather.png Long Feather ~100%
30 seconds
Nautical Egg.png Nautical Egg
(Spring Fling)
120 seconds
Rotten Pirate Tooth.png Rotten Pirate Tooth
(The Legend of Toothless Jack)
120 seconds
Secret Document.png Secret Document ~100%
30 seconds
Powder Keg.png Powder Keg ~100%
120 seconds
Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern ~100%
30 seconds
Chalice.png Chalice ~100%
30 seconds
Page 5.png Page 5 ~100%
30 seconds
Page 4.png Page 4 ~100%
30 seconds
Page 3.png Page 3 ~100%
30 seconds
Page 2.png Page 2 ~100%
30 seconds
Page 1.png Page 1 ~100%
30 seconds
Super Jump.png Super Jump ~100%
30 seconds
Cold Finger.png Cold Finger ~10%
30 seconds


Item (Event) Probability Spawn Interval
Pink Sea Star.png Pink Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) ~6% 10 seconds
Golden Sea Star.png Golden Sea Star (Winterfest) ~6% 10 seconds
Abalone Shell.png Abalone Shell (The Sun Parade) ~6% 10 seconds
Oyster.png Oyster ~31% 10 seconds
Red Coral.png Red Coral ~19% 10 seconds
Blue Sea Star.png Blue Sea Star (Sea Festival) ~19% 10 seconds
Seaweed.png Seaweed ~12% 10 seconds
Green Sea Star.png Green Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) <1% 10 seconds


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
32px Purple Melon 3 ~88% 120 seconds
32px Watermelon 3 ~13% 120 seconds
32px Vase 7 ~100% 120 seconds
Miniature Ice Golem.png Ice Golem
3 ~100% 5 seconds
Miniature Ice Colossus.png Ice Colossus
1 ~100% 60 seconds



 • Fallen Heroes Book 01.png Ayu's Quest (Fallen Heroes)
 • 32px Raoul's Field Notes (Alchemy Event)
 • June Shipping Co..png June Shipping Co.
 • Snipper.png Snipper (Winterfest)
 • 32px Inscription
 • Musty Tome.png Musty Tome

In other languages

Language Name
English English Cannon Island
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Ilha do Canhão
Spanish Spanish (LA) Isla del Cañón
French French Île de Canon
German German Kanonen Insel
Polish Polish Cannon Island
Romanian Romanian Insula Tunurilor
Swedish Swedish Cannon Island
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