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Navigatormap.png Starts at: Living Room.png Living Room (Mice & Maniax.png)
Prerequisite: Outlook Good
Item(s): Contraption Schematics.png Contraption SchematicsContraption SchematicsThe Contraption seems complicated, but it clearly does... something.Contraption Schematics.png

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Outlook Good None

Careful! is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

: A corner of the schematics is poking out from under the trophy. If you're careful, they might not tear.


FLEA CIRCUS: Locate and examine the GOLDEN PLANET in the LIVING ROOM in order to find the CONTRAPTION SCHEMATICS.


  • Talk to

Quest Completion Dialogue

I've got the schematics. And all in one piece, too!

In other languages

Language Name
English English Careful!
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Cuidado!
Spanish Spanish (LA) Careful!
French French Attention!
German German Careful!
Polish Polish Careful!
Romanian Romanian Careful!
Swedish Swedish Careful!