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The Cash Shop is a shop in MilMo where you can buy various items for your character and decoration to your home, such as Weapons, Furniture for you Home, Clothes and Telepod for comfortable transportation.

The currencies used in the Cash Shop are June Cash that is purchased with real money, and Coins that are obtained for free by playing the game.

Click the pretty shop icon at the top of the screen Cash Shop.png, when playing, to go to the shop.

Inside the shop, players can try on clothes by clicking on them, and choose colour combinations at the bottom of the screen. The selection is then stored in the left-hand menu, under its respective category, should the player try on different types of clothing. The selection is saved until the player return to the game. Selected items are displayed on the character (weapons and clothes only) and as small icons at the top right corner of the screen. Each item has a little price tag with options.

The shop interface
  • Buy: Lets the player buy the item - if they have enough June Cash or Coins.
  • Gift: Lets the player buy the item and give them to a friend on their Friend List - if they have enough June Cash.
  • Remove: Removes the item from the left-hand menu and character.

To get a better view of an item, click the display window and move the mouse cursor sideways.

Cash Shop Categories[edit | edit source]

Here are the list of all items that can be found in the cash shop separated by categories:

All Items[edit | edit source]

Home Category.png Home[edit | edit source]

Rooms Category.png Rooms[edit | edit source]

Items Category.png Items[edit | edit source]

Upper Body Category.png UPPER BODY[edit | edit source]

Lower Body Category.png LOWER BODY[edit | edit source]

Shoes Category.png SHOES[edit | edit source]

Acessories Category.png ACCESSORIES[edit | edit source]

HairStyles Category.png HairStyles[edit | edit source]

Event Categories[edit | edit source]

Sun Parade Mask.png Sun Parade[edit | edit source]

White Bunny.png Spring Fling[edit | edit source]

Anchor.png Sea Festival[edit | edit source]

Football Category.png Football[edit | edit source]

Halloween Category.png Halloween[edit | edit source]

Snowman Head.png Winterfest[edit | edit source]