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A player wearing the Safir set.

Clothes in MilMo is a type of cosmetic item that can be worn by your character. They only serve an aesthetic purpose and do not add stats. The clothes you have can be found on the Clothes tab of your Backpack.

To change the appearance of your character in the game you can double-click the icon of the clothe in your backpack to equip or unequip the clothes in the character.

Some clothes are gender exclusive and can only be worn by this gender.

Types of Clothes[]

Frost Set.

There are 7 different types of clothes:

  • Chests (T-Shirts, Shirts, Sweaters, Dresses, Jackets)
  • Pants (Pants, Skirts)
  • Feet (Shoes)
  • Hands (Gloves, Bracelets, Rings)
  • Head (Hats, Caps, Headwear)
  • Hair (Hairstyles)
  • Accessories (Wings, Auras, Scarves, Neckties, Belts, Eyewear, Jewelry, Misc)


Most clothes can be purchased in the Cash Shop, but also as a reward from Medals, Converters, Quests and sold by NPCs. Some Events may also grant the player limited clothing.


Most clothes sold in Cash Shop can have their colors changed before the purchase, and after buying a clothe is no longer possible to change their color.

Clothes List[]

This is the list of all clothes separated by categories:


Upper Body Category.png UPPER BODY[]

Lower Body Category.png LOWER BODY[]

Shoes Category.png SHOES[]

Acessories Category.png ACCESSORIES[]

HairStyles Category.png HairStyles[]