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Coins are one of the Currencies in MilMo.


There are a few ways to get coins, such as rewards for Quests, Medals and collecting Star Tokens but the main method is to collect them on Areas.

  • In each Area there are 8 coins, they will appear every 24 hours, meaning you can get 8 coins per level each day. You have to collect all 8 coins on one level so they reappear next day.
  • Currently there are 43 areas with coins, 41 accessible to all players, and 2 Member areas.
  • Normal players: 41 areas x 8 Coins x 7 days = 328 Coins per day / 2296 per week.
  • Member Players: 43 areas x 8 Coins x 43 Star Tokens of 15 coins x 7 days = 344 Coins per day / 3038 per week.


Coins are a kind of money that you can use to buy items in the Cash Shop or items in the game Shops. You can collect these coins and buy items from the cash shop without having to spend real life money with June Cash!

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In other languages

Language Name
English English Coins
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Moedas
Spanish Spanish (LA) Monedas
French French Pièces
German German Coins
Polish Polish Monety
Romanian Romanian Monede
Swedish Swedish Coins