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Corrupted Dino is a hostile Monster in MilMo.


Corrupted Dino can be found in the following Areas:

Location (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Ancient Forest.png Ancient Forest 4 ~2% 15 seconds
Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest 3 <1% 20 seconds

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Related Medals

Defeating Corrupted Dino can unlock the following Medals:

Corrupted Dino Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating Corrupted Dino:

Item (Amount) Probability
Gems.png Gem (1-5) 75%
Gems.png Gem (1-7) 50%
Sinister Lockbox.png Sinister Lockbox (1) 5%
Gems.png Gem (Large) (1-2) 5%
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1) 40%
Gems.png Gem (1-8) 33%
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1) 30%
Gems.png Gem (Large) (1-3) 3%
Dino Spine.png Dino Spine (1) 20%
Arrow.png Arrow (1) 2.5%
Health Potion.png Health Potion (1) 0.1%
Ocean Potion.png Ocean Potion (1) 0.05%
Cell.png Cell (1) 0.05%
Running Potion.png Running Potion (1) 0.05%
10 x Rag Converter.png 10 x Rag Converter (1) 0.05%
Jumping Potion.png Jumping Potion (1) 0.05%
Wood Chunk Converter.png Wood Chunk Converter (1) 0.02%
Spool of Thread Converter.png Spool of Thread Converter (1) 0.02%
Iron Scrap Converter.png Iron Scrap Converter (1) 0.02%
Bolt of Cloth Converter.png Bolt of Cloth Converter (1) 0.02%
Telepod.png Telepod (1) 0.001%

In other languages

Language Name
English English Corrupted Dino
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Dinossauro Corrompido
Spanish Spanish (LA) Dino Corrompido
French French Dinosaure Corrompu
German German Verderbter Dinosaurier
Polish Polish Uszkodzony Dinozaur
Romanian Romanian Dinozaur Corupt
Swedish Swedish Corrupted Dino
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