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Corrupted Gem is a Item in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Corrupted Gem can be obtained in the following ways:

Dropped by the following Creatures:

Reward from the following Lockboxes:

  • Sinister Lockbox.png Sinister LockboxSinister LockboxIt's locked, but there are keys for sale in the shop.Sinister Lockbox.png

Used in

Corrupted Gem has the following uses:
Required for the following Quests:
Alchemist's Gift, Part 3
Lead into Gold, Part 5 of 9
The Darkness Without, Part 3 of 6
Used as material in the following Converters:
Sinister Crown Converter.png Sinister Crown Converter
Sinister Bands Converter.png Sinister Bands Converter
Sinister Gun Converter.png Sinister Gun Converter
Sinister Wings Converter.png Sinister Wings Converter
Sinister Wand Converter.png Sinister Wand Converter
Sinister Ring Converter.png Sinister Ring Converter
Corrupted Gem Necklace Converter.png Corrupted Gem Necklace Converter
Sinister Blade Converter.png Sinister Blade Converter
Sinister Goggles Converter.png Sinister Goggles Converter
Sinister Bow Converter.png Sinister Bow Converter
Sinister Axe Converter.png Sinister Axe Converter
Sinister Hammer Converter.png Sinister Hammer Converter
Black Robe Converter.png Black Robe Converter

Related Medals

In other languages

Language Name
English English Corrupted Gem
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Joia Corrompida
Spanish Spanish (LA) Joya Corrompida
French French Gemme Corrompue
German German Corrupted Gem
Polish Polish Uszkodzony Klejnot
Romanian Romanian Bijuterie coruptă
Swedish Swedish Corrupted Gem