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Currency is any item accumulated and used to make purchases. Gems is the definitive example of currency. In MilMo, there are various types of currency to help you in the game. Each has its own particular characteristics and methods of obtaining.

Gems Gems.png[]

Gems is mainly used to travel to the other Areas, as material on Converters, buy Weapons, Ammo and Potions on in-game Shops. There are two types of gems, Small and Large, the small ones have several colors and worth 1 gem, the large ones can be found in fixed places in certain areas or drop from monsters and worth 50 gems.

How do I get gems?[]

Gems are acquired in several ways:

  • Defeating Monsters: All Monsters when defeated will drop gems.
  • Completing Quests: Almost all Quests give gems as reward.
  • Medals: When you conquer Medals many times your rewards are gems.
  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes are a good way to get gems.
  • Breaking Containers: When breaking barrels, jars, boxes they will drop gems.

Coins Coins.png[]

Coins are other type of currency that you can use to buy items in the Cash Shop or items in the game Shops. You can collect these coins and buy items from the cash shop without having to spend real life money with June Cash, yet they do require some effort!

How to obtain coins[]

There are a few ways to get coins, such as rewards for Quests, Medals and collecting Star Tokens but the main method is to collect them on Areas.

  • In each Area there are 8 coins, they will appear every 24 hours, meaning you can get 8 coins per level each day. You have to collect all 8 coins on one level so they reappear next day.
  • Currently there are 43 areas with coins, 41 accessible to all players, and 2 Member areas.
  • Normal players: 41 areas x 8 Coins x 7 days = 328 Coins per day / 2296 per week.
  • Member Players: 43 areas x 8 Coins x 43 Star Tokens of 15 coins x 7 days = 344 Coins per day / 3038 per week.

June Cash June Cash.png[]

June Cash is other type of currency used in the Cash Shop to buy Clothes, Weapons and decorate your Home in MilMo.

How to get June Cash?[]

June Cash are purchased with Real Money, to buy click the button ChargeButton.png inside the Cash Shop and a window will open with the packages available.