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Curved Horns Converter is a Converter in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Curved Horns Converter can be obtained in the following ways:

Purchased at the following Shops:

NPC Price
Cash Register.png Cash Register 280 Coins.png CoinsCoinsCoins can be used in the shop to purchase weapons, clothing and more!Coins.png

Related Medals

Using Mulching Converters can unlocks the following Medals:

In other languages

Language Name
English English Curved Horns Converter
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Conversor de Chifres Curvados
Spanish Spanish (LA) Curved Horns Converter
French French Curved Horns Converter
German German Curved Horns Converter
Polish Polish Przetwornik Zakręconych Rogów
Romanian Romanian Convertor Coarne Curbate
Swedish Swedish Curved Horns Converter
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