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Digging Up Information is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Fletcher (Fletcher).png Fletcher: The thing is, the Penningtons and the Talbots used to be allies, way back. Say, I've got an idea. There used to be a library on that HILL near the castle, next to the STANDING STONE. If you dig there, you should find a HISTORY BOOK. Show it to Thaddeus and you'll get 1500 GEMS and 3 COINS. 


ANCIENT FOREST: Dig for a HISTORY BOOK on the little hill near the RUINS, where the BIG ROCK is. Bring the book to THADDEUS.



Fletcher (Fletcher).png Fletcher: Dig in that little HILL near the castle, by the STANDING STONE until you find a HISTORY BOOK. Bring the book to THADDEUS and maybe he'll change his tune. I'll give you 1500 GEMS and 3 COINS, too. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • Thaddeus.png Thaddeus (Rose Island.png Rose Island): That book says my family used to be friendly with hers? Let me see that.:

In other languages

Language Name
English English Digging Up Information
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Cavando Informação
Spanish Spanish (LA) Desenterrando la Información
French French Digging Up Information
German German Digging Up Information
Polish Polish Digging Up Information
Romanian Romanian Digging Up Information
Swedish Swedish Digging Up Information
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