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Dread Summoner is one of the Bosses found in MilMo.


The Dread Summoner is at the top of the The Hidden Tor.png The Hidden Tor, which is a area accessible only to Members.


 • Summon Haunted Swords: Summons 5 Haunted swords, that spawn a caltrop powerdown once defeated.

 • Caltrop: Reduces movement speed by 50% (Stackable).


The Dread Summoner stay together with the Miniature Dread Smasher.png Dread Smasher, so defeating one at a time with an interval is a good strategy to farm.

  • Dread Summoner does not attack players directly, he aids the Dread Smasher by summoning Miniature Haunted Sword.png Haunted Swords to attack the player, they have very low HP and only deal ½ + damage. Defeating them, however spawns the Caltrop.png Caltrop powerdown which reduces movement speed by half if walked over, being affected by two of them at a time makes the player stop completely (unless you use Fleet Footed.png Fleet Footed ability or any of the speed enhancing potions, in which case your speed raises for the duration of the speed boost) which is incredibly dangerous as you are vulnerable to Dread Smasher's Slam attack.
  • Standing directly under Dread Summoner sometimes prevents him from summoning swords in most cases.

Dread Summoner Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating Dread Summoner:

Item (Amount) Probability
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1-5) 80%
Gems.png Gem (1-11) 80%
Gems.png Gem (1-9) 50%
Mace Head.png Mace Head (1) 5%
Gems.png Gem (Large) (1-4) 100%
Extra Spikes.png Extra Spikes (1) 10%

In other languages

Language Name
English English Dread Summoner
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Invocador Horrendo
Spanish Spanish (LA) Invocador del Horror
French French Invocateur Épouvantable
German German Beschwörer Schrecklich
Polish Polish Groźny Przywoływacz
Romanian Romanian Invocator Temut
Swedish Swedish Dread Summoner
Miniature Possessed Survivor.png Possessed Survivor Miniature Cave Skull.png Cave Skull Miniature Giga-Knight.png Giga-Knight Miniature Dread Smasher.png Dread Smasher Miniature Dread Summoner.png Dread Summoner Miniature The No-Brainer.png The No-Brainer Miniature The Mechalon.png The Mechalon