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Edgar is a NPC in MilMo.

There are multiple versions of this NPC. Click on the tabs to see details of each one.


What a fine day to be made of carbon and water!


 • Take to the Air
 • Mayoral Tribute
 • Thing Alert!
 • World Tour, Part 1
 • World Tour, Part 2
 • World Tour, Part 3
 • World Tour, Part 12
 • The Red Charge
 • Hidden Quest:Remove Red Lumirod
 • The Green Charge
 • Hidden Quest:Remove Green Lumirod
 • The Blue Charge
 • Hidden Quest:Remove Blue Lumirod
 • An Engineer's Food
 • Converter Power


A well-run town is like a well-run ship.


 • Precise Confusion, Part 4
 • Precise Confusion, Part 5
 • Earning a Badge, Part One
 • Earning a Badge, Part Two
 • When Devourers Attack
 • Helping Out
 • Changing Lanes
 • Conspiracy 101
 • A Little Help
 • Inspirational Wildlife
 • Ancient Inspiration
 • Inspiring Memories
 • Getting Acquainted

In other languages

Language Name
English English Edgar
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Edgar
Spanish Spanish (LA) Edgar
French French Edgar
German German Edgar
Polish Polish Edgar
Romanian Romanian Edgar
Swedish Swedish Edgar