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Ejekatl Cannon Winder is a Key Item used to interact with doors/objects in MilMo.

Note: Ejekatl Cannon Winder is a Unique Item, meaning that you can only have one in possession. When you use it or sell it, you can collect it again.

How to Obtain

Ejekatl Cannon Winder can be obtained in the following ways:

Found at the following Areas:

Area (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Ejekatl.png Ejekatl ~100%
30 seconds

Used in

Ejekatl Cannon Winder has the following uses:


Allows use the cannon near the Aurax.png Aurax in Ejekatl.png Ejekatl.


The key is consumed once it has been used, and is required to collect it again after leaving Ejekatl.

In other languages

Language Name
English English Ejekatl Cannon Winder
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Bobinador do Canhão de Ejekatl
Spanish Spanish (LA) Manivela de Cañón de Ejekatl
French French Bobinoir de Canon d'Ejekatl
German German Kanonenwickler von Ejekatl
Polish Polish Nawijacz Armaty Ejekatlu
Romanian Romanian Bobinator Tun Ejekatl
Swedish Swedish Ejekatl Cannon Winder
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