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  • The order of the Exploration Tokens is the same as found in the profile.
  • Click on the images to expand them.


  1. At the top of a tree near Sentinel 7:
    Ejekatl Token 01.jpg
  2. Behind the windmill:
    Ejekatl Token 02.jpg
  3. Near the red platform:
    Ejekatl Token 03.jpg
  4. On a cliff above the Guard Manus:
    Ejekatl Token 04.jpg
  5. At the top of a tree near the blue cannon and Aurax:
    Ejekatl Token 05.jpg
  6. Next to windmill, near the War Birds:
    Ejekatl Token 06.jpg
  7. next to a tree near the three War Bird Scouts:
    Ejekatl Token 07.jpg
  8. Near the Guard Manus and the green platform:
    Ejekatl Token 08.jpg