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Exploration Tokens are small collectables scattered around each of the areas in MilMo. Each island has 8 to collect, except for the Boss Beach which is the only place to have none.

In the upper-left corner of the game screen, the player can see how many Tokens they have collected in the area that they are currently in. If the player enters the map, they can also hover the mouse cursor above each different areas to see which tokens they are missing, and also by the Tokens tab in their profile.

This player has collected 6 tokens in their current area.

After collecting all of the Exploration Tokens in an area, they will receive a Medal and a reward for that particular area.

Exploration Tokens also give the player a set of Medals, see: Medals/Exploration for more information.

Exploration Tokens Guides[]

The Exploration Tokens Guides below are useful when searching for a particular token.

Chat Rooms.png Chat Rooms[]

The Horizon.png The Horizon[]

Air World.png Air World[]

Mice & Maniax.png Mice & Maniax[]

Summer Tide Saga.png Summer Tide Saga[]

Removed Areas[]