The Fisherman's Retreat Quests start off by talking to Henry. Edit

<Shore Invaders>

Quest begins with Henry who asks you to defeat 5 Crabs to obtain a Shovel.

Rewards: 15 XP, Coins, 300 Gems, Shovel.

<A Real Reel Problem>

Henry now sends you on a short mission to dig up 4 Worms next to the tree near by.

Rewards: 15 XP, Coins, 300 Gems.

<Move Along>

Finishing you talk with Henry he has you say hi to the other person on the Island Horace.

<Not So Secret Shipment>

Upon meeting Horace gives you a quest to check out your new home where you collect the Designer's Cap.

Rewards: Designer's Cap.

<Building Blocks>

Next Horace sends you on your way into the lands of adventure, but not without adding another quest while you are out and about. He asks if you would collect 8 Enchanted Bricks from any Manu in Air World.