Fishing Knife

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Fishing Knife
Type Weapons
Subtype Swords
Description Handy to have around. Deals 50% additional damage. Weapon Type: Sword
Attack 1
Magic 0
Speed 5
Range 1

Fishing Knife is a Weapon of type Swords which is mainly used to cause damage to Monsters.


Fishing Knife can be obtained in the following ways:

Obtained from:

 • Received for participating in the Buy and Win promotion.

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Using Swords in combat can unlock the following Medals:

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In other languages

Language Name
English English Fishing Knife
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Faca de Pesca
Spanish Spanish (LA) Cuchillo de Pesca
French French Fishing Knife
German German Fishing Knife
Polish Polish Nóż Wędkarski
Romanian Romanian Cuțit de Pescuit
Swedish Swedish Fishing Knife