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Flowering Imagination is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

32px Crystal: Imagination comes from many sources, and this is where it blooms. Each crystal flower is a HOPE, DREAM, DOUBT, or FEAR made solid. THE QUEEN uses them to build MilMo. Collect 10 OF EACH and bring them to THE QUEEN inside THE SANCTUARY. 


THE SANCTUARY: Collect 10 HOPES, 10 DREAMS, 10 DOUBTS, and 10 FEARS. They have manifested as crystal flowers. Bring them to the Queen inside the Sanctuary.



32px Crystal: THE QUEEN takes the HOPES, DREAMS, DOUBTS, and FEARS that grow here and uses them to build MilMo. Collect 10 OF EACH and bring them to her inside THE SANCTUARY. If you need a key, seek out RAOUL at SEASTAR RESORT. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • Hope.png Hope: These hopes are nice and warm!
  • Dream.png Dream: Is this flower really someone's dream?
  • Doubt.png Doubt: That's the last doubt I needed.
  • Fear.png Fear: Yeesh! These fears sure are cold!
  • The Queen.png The Queen (The Sanctuary.png The Sanctuary): Each of these flowers is important to someone. I promise I will put them to good use.:

In other languages

Language Name
English English Flowering Imagination
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Imaginação Florescente
Spanish Spanish (LA) Flowering Imagination
French French Flowering Imagination
German German Fluoreszierende Imagination
Polish Polish Flowering Imagination
Romanian Romanian Imaginație Înflorită
Swedish Swedish Flowering Imagination
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