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A furniture.

Furnitures in MilMo is a type of item that can be inside the Home of your character. The furnitures you have can be found on the Storage which you can find inside your home.

To place a furniture inside your home click the (Home Storage Icon.png) Storage and double-click the icon of the furniture to place on the current room, then click the Furnishing Mode icon (MoveFurniture.png) to move it. Now, walk up to the furniture or other home item you want to move, click it and move around with the arrow keys (on the keyboard). Click the green, curved arrows to rotate the item. Once the item is in a desired position, click the item again to place it.

Moving Home Items

Types of Furniture[]

There are 2 main types of furnitures:

  • Furnitures (Beds, Chairs, Lamps, Rugs, Sound, Tables, Misc)
  • Rooms (Rooms, Doors, Floors, Wallpapers, Windows)


Most furnitures can be purchased in the Cash Shop, but also can received as a reward from Medals, Converters and Quests. Some Events may also grant the player limited furniture.


Most furnitures sold in Cash Shop can have their colors changed before the purchase, and after buying a furniture is no longer possible to change their color.

Furniture Lists[]

This is the list of all furnitures in MilMo.


Home Category.png Furnitures[]

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