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Giga-Knight is one of the Bosses found in MilMo.


The Giga-Knight is inside a cave on Nikonos Island, and the Nikonos Key.png Nikonos KeyNikonos KeyThis key goes to the cave door on Nikonos Island.Nikonos Key.png is required to enter.


 • Slam: Hits the ground hard with his weapon, he will target one player and try to hit it.

 • Summon Skulls: Sometimes after using slam he'll summon about 6 skulls, these will despawn after a certain time.


 • Attack him without stopping and when he use the Slam get away from him, most of the time this prevents him from summoning the skulls.

 • Heal fast if no one is near him, so make sure you never stray too far from him or leave him alone.  • Since both he and the skulls take magical damage, a magic weapon may be a good idea to use, especially to get rid of the skulls.


Note that the items that he drops disappear pretty soon, so if you're not in the cave when he is defeated you might not get back in time.

Giga-Knight Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating Giga-Knight:

Item (Amount) Probability
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1-5) 80%
Gem (Gem).png Gem (1-8) 80%
Mysterious Key.png Mysterious Key (1-3) 100%
Gem (GemLarge).png Gem (Large) (1-3) 100%
Mace Haft.png Mace Haft (1) 10%
Lava Lamp Converter.png Lava Lamp Converter (1) 1%

In other languages

Language Name
English English Giga-Knight
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Giga-Cavaleiro
Spanish Spanish (LA) Giga Caballero
French French Giga-Chevalier
German German Giga-Ritter
Polish Polish Giga-Rycerz
Romanian Romanian Giga-Cavaler
Swedish Swedish Giga-Knight
Miniature Possessed Survivor.png Possessed Survivor Miniature Cave Skull.png Cave Skull Miniature Giga-Knight.png Giga-Knight Miniature Dread Smasher.png Dread Smasher Miniature Dread Summoner.png Dread Summoner Miniature The No-Brainer.png The No-Brainer Miniature The Mechalon.png The Mechalon