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Gnome Cap is a Consumable Item in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Gnome Cap can be obtained in the following ways:

Found at the following Areas:

Area (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Ancient Forest.png Ancient Forest ~90%
20 seconds
Swamp Island.png Swamp Island ~60%
20 seconds
Treehouse Island.png Treehouse Island ~5%
20 seconds
Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest ~25%
20 seconds

Used in

Gnome Cap has the following uses:
Required for the following Quests:
Mushroom Salad
The Pecari Monstrosis

Use Effect

When used, Gnome Cap gives the following effect: Heal Half Heart.

In other languages

Language Name
English English Gnome Cap
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Chapéu de Gnomo
Spanish Spanish (LA) Sombrero de Gnomo
French French Gnome Cap
German German Gnome Cap
Polish Polish Czapkowiec Gnomowy
Romanian Romanian Capac pitic
Swedish Swedish Gnome Cap
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