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Health Points (known as HP), is the measure of vitality of entities in MilMo. Both Monsters and character have health points.

The HP of the character is represented by hearts (Heart.png), while the monsters by a bar under your name.

The health bar of the character represented by hearts.

The monster's health bar.


The character's HP is reduced to being attacked by Monsters or traps and thorns.

If the player's hearts reach Zero he will be Kocked Out.

  • When knocked out the character will stay on the floor and pressing any key the player will appear at a near point with half heart.

There is no penalty for being knocked out, on the contrary, every knocked out counts for the Death Medals.

Knocked out character

If the monster's health bar reach zero, the monster will die.

  • A monster when defeated will drop loot as Gems and Items.


The characterer can recover the HP using items such as Potions, Berries or Abilities. HP also recovers slowly if the character is not in combat.

  • Monsters do not recover HP, with the exception of Bosses that recover their HP quickly if no player is nearby.

Maximum Health[]

A character starts with 3 hearts. You gain more hearts as the character Level Up.

  • The maximum HP is 6 Hearts, however, this number can be temporarily exceeded by using certain Potions, Berries or Abilities.