Welcome to the wiki's to-do list. Here you can find all the tasks wiki editors plan to do. Feel free to add your own tasks to the list or complete a task. Once you complete a task, remove it from the list.

You may also hold informal discussions about tasks here if you want, remember to leave a signature with ~~~~ if you do so. Example:

==Current list==
*Do this
::Can this really be done? I tried it and I couldn't figure out anything. Username (talk) 12:12, 12 December 2012 (UTC)
::This is because the other tasks need to be done first, since this task relies on the other templates made by the other tasks. ~~~~
*Do another thing

Current list

Please make sure all tasks placed here are removable, that is, they are one-time only (or a limited amount). Recurring tasks can go in the Recurring maintenance tasks section.

Do not add tasks that solely require sysop rights, contact an administrator for that. Note that tasks that do not only consist of parts that require sysop rights can be added, such as adding/fixing things related to code. For example, anyone can create template and design its cargo system, sysop rights are only needed at the final step of creating the table.

Guides List

  • Add more guides to the Guides page.
  • Create more pages about game basics (eg. User Interface, Controls, Getting Started, etc.)


  • Create pages for all Clothes/Furniture.
  • Obtain images for all Clothes/Furniture.


Recurring maintenance tasks

Missing Pages

Missing Files