Hope you like how your new home looks now! If you excuse me, I need to get back to the drawing board and create new room sizes!

Horace is an NPC found on Cloud Island. He used to be in Fisherman's Retreat which was removed and replaced with Cloud Island in 2018.


Horace is working for Homes Inc where he is responsible for all the furniture, rooms and clothes in the shop. He is constantly designing new stuff and he loves to be creative. Before he started to work at Home Inc he was a fashion designer, working with models on the runway. It was fun but very stressful and he could not be as creative as he wanted to. Now, working as a designer for Home Inc he has the freedom to create whatever he like! He can go crazy and design all the things he always wanted. His motto is: “Creativity is like craziness... just go with it!”.

When you visit the shop you can see all of Horace’s designs. If you got any ideas for new exciting clothes or furniture, don’t be afraid to share! Horace loves it when you MilMonauts share your ideas. Who knows, maybe his next piece will be inspired by your idea?