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June Cash is one of the three main currencies in MilMo. June Cash, sometimes abbreviated by players to JC, is used to buy premium items from the Cash Shop in order to buy powerful weapons, stylish clothes, cool furniture, and even extra rooms for the player's Home. Players with an active Membership get a small discount on June Cash purchases in the Shop.

Getting June Cash[edit | edit source]

Purchasing[edit | edit source]

Buying June Cash involves using real money, meaning younger players are advised to contact their parents before purchase. To buy, click the button ChargeButton.png inside the Cash Shop. The process of buying June Cash is handled through Steam, using funds from the player's Steam Wallet (or other method set up by the player). The player chooses the June Cash package that they want to buy.

June Cash Packages[edit | edit source]

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Competitions[edit | edit source]

Players can also win June Cash by taking part in community competitions (including those about costumes, collecting or taking a snapshot), which are generally held when an Event is taking place, with large sums of June Cash going to the winners.

A competition where June Cash could be won.