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Keys in MilMo are items needed to unlock or access areas such as doors, cannons, or moving platforms.

All key items are saved in the Keys tab in your Backpack.

Note: Most keys, once collected, can no longer be seen by the player.

List of Keys[]

Below is the list of all available keys in MilMo.

 • Alien Watchamajigger.png Alien Watchamajigger
 • Ancient Key.png Ancient Key
 • Blue Ejekatl Key.png Blue Ejekatl Key
 • Blue Key (BlueStone).png Blue Key
 • Blue Palaestra Key.png Blue Palaestra Key
 • Blue Village Key.png Blue Village Key
 • Blue Ziggurat Key.png Blue Ziggurat Key
 • Boss Key.png Boss Key
 • Bronze Palaestra Key.png Bronze Palaestra Key
 • Bronze Pyrgos Key.png Bronze Pyrgos Key
 • Charged Golden Statue.png Charged Golden Statue
 • Copper Key.png Copper Key
 • Diary Key.png Diary Key
 • Ejekatl Cannon Winder.png Ejekatl Cannon Winder
 • Gate Key.png Gate Key
 • Gold Key.png Gold Key
 • Gold Pyrgos Key.png Gold Pyrgos Key
 • Green Ejekatl Key.png Green Ejekatl Key
 • Green Key (GreenStone).png Green Key
 • Green Palaestra Key.png Green Palaestra Key
 • Green Village Key.png Green Village Key
 • Green Ziggurat Key.png Green Ziggurat Key
 • Key Fragment (Level21KeyPiece01).png Key Fragment
 • Labyrinth Key.png Labyrinth Key
 • Lightmill Key.png Lightmill Key
 • Mechalon Key.png Mechalon Key
 • Mehitabel's House Key.png Mehitabel's House Key
 • Mysterious Key.png Mysterious Key
 • Nikonos Key.png Nikonos Key
 • Platinum Key.png Platinum Key
 • Powder Keg (W00L07PowderKeg).png Powder Keg
 • Power Stone.png Power Stone
 • Red Ejekatl Key.png Red Ejekatl Key
 • Red Key (Key06).png Red Key
 • Red Palaestra Key.png Red Palaestra Key
 • Red Village Key.png Red Village Key
 • Red Ziggurat Key.png Red Ziggurat Key
 • Refuge Key.png Refuge Key
 • Resistance Key.png Resistance Key
 • Ruby Key.png Ruby Key
 • Sanctuary Key.png Sanctuary Key
 • Silver Key.png Silver Key
 • Silver Palaestra Key.png Silver Palaestra Key
 • Silver Pyrgos Key.png Silver Pyrgos Key
 • Sun Token (SunToken).png Sun Token
 • Sun Token Piece (W01SunTokenPiece1).png Sun Token Piece
 • File:TEMP (W03L12Key01).png TEMP
 • Two Faced Key.png Two Faced Key