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  • The order of the Exploration Tokens is the same as found in the profile.
  • Click on the images to expand them.
  • Use the map below as reference.
Labyrinth Maze Map.png


  1. The first token is on top of the labyrinth. Find a way to get up, either by the Aurax or the use of ability/potions. It is inside a few invisible blocks, so you will need to go around them to get in. J15:
    Labyrinth Token 01.jpg
  2. Hidden under the labyrinth, go to the Aurax and climb down the stairs there to find it. 6-7:
    Labyrinth Token 02.jpg
  3. Hidden inside the labyrinth behind a invisible block. There's a trampoline close to it, so just climb up on the labyrinth by Aurax and jump down to it then use the trampoline to get back up again. G16:
    Labyrinth Token 03.jpg
  4. Outside of the labyrinth in one of the corners. You can get here many ways, but it's probably easiest to climb on top of the labyrinth by the Aurax and then walk there. Q1:
    Labyrinth Token 04.jpg
  5. The token most people have trouble to get to. The trick here is that you need to speak with the Middle Stone Brother (O14) and start the quest A Rocky Start in which you have to search for the Special Rock. The rock is on top of the tree in the middle, get on top of the labyrinth and then climb the ladder by the tree. After finishing the quest, the older brother (D2) will grant you access to a secret area. After getting there, you will need to defeat a wall that shoots spears, and after defeating it you can enter a teleport that will take you to the fifth token. I6:
    Labyrinth Token 05.jpg
  6. On top of the labyrinth, get up by the Aurax and walk there. G10:
    Labyrinth Token 06.jpg
  7. On top of a rock, on top of the labyrinth, near the start of it. Get up on the labyrinth by Aurax. N9:
    Labyrinth Token 07.jpg
  8. Hidden between the teleporters. Enter the teleporter by the fifth token, at I8 and you will be teleported to K14, close to the youngest stone face. Walk your way around and the token is in front of the second teleporter. I15:
    Labyrinth Token 08.jpg