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Lightmill Island
Lightmill Island
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"Famed for its amazing wind-powered lighthouse, it is the spot where you enter into this world."

Lightmill Island is a Area in MilMo.


Lightmill Island is the first island that players encounter when exploring Summer Tide Saga. There are wood planks strewn across the beach, which suggest a boat crashed there. Crabs and shells flood the beaches, and waves crash against the cliffs. A tall lightmill towers above everything, where Hinkerspiel the sailor watches Frank the Fisherman from above. Butterflies surround the island's tree, and weeds rule the roost of the cliffs.

Around the back of the island is a damp, wet cave set into the cliffs, where Caleb is hiding from a scary "shadow-monster".

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



Item (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Gear.png Gear near the tree ~80% 10 seconds
Gem (Gem).png Gem near the tree ~20% 10 seconds


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Fleet Footed.png Fleet Footed ~100%
30 seconds
Super Jump.png Super Jump ~100%
30 seconds
Rotten Pirate Tooth (EventToothLevel12).png Rotten Pirate Tooth
(The Legend of Toothless Jack)
60 seconds
Sky Egg.png Sky Egg
(Spring Fling)
120 seconds


Item (Event) Probability Spawn Interval
Sea Star.png Sea Star ~6% 5 seconds
Beach Clam.png Beach Clam ~6% 5 seconds
Purple Clam.png Purple Clam ~6% 5 seconds
Seaweed.png Seaweed ~6% 5 seconds
Pink Sea Star.png Pink Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) ~6% 5 seconds
Golden Sea Star.png Golden Sea Star (Winterfest) ~6% 5 seconds
Abalone Shell.png Abalone Shell (The Sun Parade) ~6% 5 seconds
Oyster.png Oyster ~3% 5 seconds
Sand Coral.png Sand Coral ~19% 5 seconds
Blue Sea Star.png Blue Sea Star (Sea Festival) ~19% 5 seconds
Spiral Shell.png Spiral Shell ~16% 5 seconds
Spiral Shell.png Spiral Shell ~100% 3 seconds
Tattered Message (BottleMessage005).png Tattered Message <1% 5 seconds
Green Sea Star.png Green Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) <1% 5 seconds


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Miniature Pink Butterfly.png Pink Butterfly 10 ~5% 5 seconds
Miniature Red Butterfly.png Red Butterfly 10 ~4% 5 seconds
Miniature Blue Butterfly.png Blue Butterfly 10 ~39% 5 seconds
Miniature Medium Pink Butterfly.png Medium Pink Butterfly 10 ~3% 5 seconds
Miniature Yellow Butterfly.png Yellow Butterfly 10 ~19% 5 seconds
Miniature Dawnwing Butterfly.png Dawnwing Butterfly 10 ~19% 5 seconds
Miniature Blue Butterfly.png Blue Butterfly 2 ~100% 5 seconds
Miniature Box of Fuses.png Box of Fuses 1 ~100% 20 seconds
Miniature Vicious Weed.png Vicious Weed 8 ~100% 15 seconds
Miniature Sand Crab.png Sand Crab 6 ~100% 20 seconds
Miniature Green Butterfly.png Green Butterfly 10 ~10% 5 seconds
Miniature Small Pink Butterfly.png Small Pink Butterfly 10 <1% 5 seconds



 • Death and Birth.png Death and Birth (Fallen Heroes)
 • Whiskers: A Beginning.png Whiskers: A Beginning (Fallen Heroes)
 • June Shipping Co. (Juni).png June Shipping Co.
 • Frank.png Frank
 • Hinkerspiel.png Hinkerspiel
 • Oscar.png Oscar
 • Caleb.png Caleb
 • Journal (LighthouseJournalTalker).png Journal
 • On Gems.png On Gems
 • Tattered Message (Object) (BottleMessageTalker).png Tattered Message (Object)


Players used to receive a Stick on joining the island.

  • This island used to have a different map, but it was later replaced with the current one.
  • A Lightmill is a combination of a Lighthouse and a Windmill.

In other languages

Language Name
English English Lightmill Island
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Ilha do Farol
Spanish Spanish (LA) Isla del Molino
French French Île de Phare
German German Lightmill Island
Polish Polish Lightmill Island
Romanian Romanian Insula Farului
Swedish Swedish Fyrmöllans Ö
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