This is the list of all Medals that are obtained with the use of Converters.

Medal Description Rewards
Very Confused.png
Very Confused
You have used 100 alchemy converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Mortar and Pestle.png
Mortar and Pestle
You have used 500 alchemy converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
You have used 1,500 alchemy converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Ultimate Alchemist.png
Ultimate Alchemist
You have used 5,000 alchemy converters. 1x Magic Bubbles.png Magic Bubbles
Bruised Thumbs.png
Bruised Thumbs
You have used 100 carpentry converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Spice Rack Specialist.png
Spice Rack Specialist
You have used 500 carpentry converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
Somewhat Uninjured.png
Somewhat Uninjured
You have used 1,500 carpentry converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Master Carpenter.png
Master Carpenter
You have used 5,000 carpentry converters. 1x Practical Cap.png Practical Cap
Out of Ideas.png
Out of Ideas
You have used 100 engineering converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Blueprints on the Brain.png
Blueprints on the Brain
You have used 500 engineering converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
Creative Problem Solver.png
Creative Problem Solver
You have used 1,500 engineering converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Master Engineer.png
Master Engineer
You have used 5,000 engineering converters. 1x Parabole Helmet.png Parabole Helmet
Dirty Fingernails.png
Dirty Fingernails
You have used 100 mulching converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Green Thumb.png
Green Thumb
You have used 500 mulching converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
Sings to Plants.png
Sings to Plants
You have used 1,500 mulching converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Master Mulcher.png
Master Mulcher
You have used 5,000 mulching converters. 1x Flower Cap.png Flower Cap
Crooked Seams.png
Crooked Seams
You have used 100 sewing converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Needs a Thimble.png
Needs a Thimble
You have used 500 sewing converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
A Sewing Machine.png
A Sewing Machine
You have used 1,500 sewing converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Master Tailor.png
Master Tailor
You have used 5,000 sewing converters. 1x Thimble Helmet.png Thimble Helmet
Aching Shoulders.png
Aching Shoulders
You have used 100 smithing converters. 100 Gems.png ,100 XP.png
Hammer and Anvil.png
Hammer and Anvil
You have used 500 smithing converters. 500 Gems.png ,1000 XP.png
So Metal.png
So Metal
You have used 1,500 smithing converters. 5000 Gems.png ,5000 XP.png
Master Smith.png
Master Smith
You have used 5,000 smithing converters. 1x Smith's Mask.png Smith's Mask
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