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This is the list of all the Medals that are earned with the completion of group of Quests from NPCs in Summer Tide Saga.

Medal Description Rewards
The Crab Whisperer.png The Crab Whisperer You've completed all quests in 'The Crab Whisperer.' 2425 Gems.png,5000 XP.png
Member of V.E.I.L..png Member of V.E.I.L. You've joined a top-secret spy organization. Shh! 1xV.E.I.L. Badge.png V.E.I.L. Badge,750 XP.png
Super Sleuth.png Super Sleuth You have completed all quests in 'The Missing Lighthouse Keeper.' 1225 Gems.png,200 XP.png
The Spark.png The Spark You have completed all quests in 'Rekindling.' 500 Gems.png,5000 XP.png
Master Apprentice.png Master Apprentice You have completed all quests in 'The Weird Statue.' 3000 Gems.png,5000 XP.png
Bringer of Candies.png Bringer of Candies You have completed all quests in 'Comforting Caleb.' 1950 Gems.png,750 XP.png
Really Cool.png Really Cool You have impressed Tom on Nikonos Island. 2275 Gems.png,100 XP.png
Secret Club Member.png Secret Club Member You've joined Jacob's secret club! 700 Gems.png,300 XP.png
Royal Advisor.png Royal Advisor You have completed all quests in 'A Kingdom of Her Own.' 1250 Gems.png,8000 XP.png
The Wicked.png The Wicked You've helped Mimi become an apprentice. Hope it doesn't backfire! 950 Gems.png,5000 XP.png