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This is the list of all the Medals that are earned when collecting Gems and Coins.

Medal Description Rewards
Penny Pincher.png Penny Pincher You have collected 110 coins. 100 Gems.png,10 XP.png
Cheapskate.png Cheapskate You have collected 150 coins. 2xHealth Potion.png Health Potion,3 XP.png
Scrooge.png Scrooge You have collected 250 coins. 1000 Gems.png,3 XP.png
Good with the Green.png Good with the Green You have collected 500 coins. 5000 Gems.png,3 XP.png
Big Bucks.png Big Bucks You have collected 1,000 coins. 10000 Gems.png,4 XP.png
Made of Money.png Made of Money You have collected 3,000 coins. 25000 Gems.png,4 XP.png
Hoarder.png Hoarder You have collected 6,000 coins. 50000 Gems.png,5 XP.png
Owns a Money Tree.png Owns a Money Tree You have collected 10,000 coins. 1xPile of Coins.png Pile of Coins,5 XP.png
Quartz Collector.png Quartz Collector You have earned 500 gems. 2xHealth Potion.png Health Potion,5 XP.png
Hermatite Hoarder.png Hermatite Hoarder You have earned 2,500 gems. 5xHealth Potion.png Health Potion,3 XP.png
Ruby Radar.png Ruby Radar You have earned 5,000 gems. 10xHealth Potion.png Health Potion,3 XP.png
Peridot Pack Rat.png Peridot Pack Rat You have earned 10,000 gems. 5xJumping Potion.png Jumping Potion,4 XP.png
Sapphire Saver.png Sapphire Saver You have earned 25,000 gems. 5xRunning Potion.png Running Potion,4 XP.png
Garnet Gatherer.png Garnet Gatherer You have earned 100,000 gems. 1xWallflower.png Wallflower,4 XP.png
Emerald Eater.png Emerald Eater You have earned 250,000 gems. 3xHeroic Potion.png Heroic Potion,5 XP.png
Diamond Dog.png Diamond Dog You have earned 1,000,000 gems. 10xHeroic Potion.png Heroic Potion,5 XP.png