Mice & Maniax

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Mice & Maniax
Mice & Maniax

"The mad scientist's house was always creepy. Now things have taken a turn for the worse."
Mice & Maniax.png Mice & Maniax
Mice & Maniax.png
Name Mice & Maniax
Quests 0
Bosses Miniature Cave Skull.png
Monsters Miniature Pale Skull.pngVampire Bat.pngMiniature Ant Scout.pngMiniature Panzer Bug.pngMiniature Big Panzer Bug.pngMiniature Ant Warrior.pngMiniature Mousetrap.pngMiniature Junkbird.pngMiniature Bullbot.png
Monsters (Events) Miniature Snow Fiend.png
Creatures Blue Ghost Light.pngGreen Ghost Light.pngRed Ghost Light.png

Story[edit | edit source]

"Mice & Maniax" is the second chapter in the MilMo universe, and features a dark and wonderful world, awesome platform gameplay, superb animation and a wicked, fun storyline.

Players come upon a mad scientist's house, are shrunk and get caught up in a mouse-led struggle to liberate the house. That same house is incidentally filled with ghosts, death traps, were-rats and giant soldier ants.

Lend your help to the escaped lab mice and learn what lurks within the walls.

Areas[edit | edit source]

 • Spooky Island.png Spooky Island
 • The Refuge.png The Refuge
 • Crawlspace.png Crawlspace
 • Flea Circus.png Flea Circus
 • Kitchen.png Kitchen
 • Living Room.png Living Room

Map[edit | edit source]

Mice & Maniax Map.jpg

Gallery[edit | edit source]

MilMo: Mice & Maniax Teaser Trailer