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Spanish translation of the MilMo Wiki

Main goals[]

  • Make information about MilMo accessible for Spanish players.
  • When translating, do not rely on online translating sites only, as they are often inaccurate. Let a native speaker (in case you are not one yourself) check the translations before saving if you do base them on online translators.

How to translate[]

Game Text[]

MilMo Wiki uses the game texts like Names / Descriptions on most wiki pages and are generated by the {{GameText}} template.

If you want to translate the game text please check the translation website.


The templates texts used on these pages are generated by the {{TemplateText}} template. This template translates a given term from English into another language, based on the translation databases.

Translating TemplateText text database[]

The TemplateText text database use the following format: "Source": "Target",

Example text: "Acquisition_Desc": "can be obtained in the following ways",

To translate, copy the text from Module:TemplateText/db-en to a text editor then translate the "Target" text to Spanish. After finishing translating save the text to Module:TemplateText/db-es/sandbox. Later a Administrator will check if there are no errors in the code syntax and move it to the appropriate page Module:TemplateText/db-es.

Translating Pages[]

There are basically two types of pages for translation:

Wiki Article Pages[]

These are pages with explanations about a particular MilMo subject such as the wiki main page or the Classes page.

To translate these pages copy the source code and translate the text to Spanish and save to the appropriate page name in Spanish. If the name of the page is the same as English or other language the page need to have the /es Suffix. Example: MilMo Wiki/es

If the page uses a template that show a table of items or a template like {{Link}} you can add the |lang=es parameter to the template.


MilMo related Articles[]

These are pages about something in MilMo like an item (Corrupted Gem) or weapon (Epic Sword).

To translate MilMo related Articles go to a page and scroll to the Other Languages section, it will look like this table bellow:

Language Name
English English Mysterious Key
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Chave Misteriosa
Spanish Spanish (LA) Llave Misteriosa
French French Mysterious Key
German German Geheimnisvoller Schlüssel
Polish Polish Tajemniczy Klucz
Romanian Romanian Cheie misterioasă
Swedish Swedish Mysterious Key

If the name is the same as English or is not yet translated on the translation website it will have the same name as English followed by the language suffix /es.

if the page does not exist yet it will have a small arrow on the right and clicking will take you to the page in Spanish and pre-load a copy of the page template in English like bellow:

|Use=Allow get past a force field blocking a cave in {{Link|Ancient Forest}}.

for this page format just add the |lang=es parameter to the template and save the page.

|Use=Translaton of use here

Note: Sometimes the pages have extra parameters like Use, Trivia, Acquisition that need to be translated.

Project participants[]

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Translated pages[]

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  • Translate every English article.

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