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Every MilMo player has access to their own home. It’s not much larger than a shoe box but it can be very comfy - if you want to. Use the Home icon (IconMyHome.png) at the top of the screen to go home, or use the same icon on the map screen. Homes belonging to friends can be visited the same way. Just click the Home icon, then click the portrait of a friend and you’ll be taken there.

The only thing available from the start is a basic wooden chair and a basic window. Cooler furniture and other home items are sold in the Cash Shop or awarded from Medals.

To get a better view of your home, click the blue, curved arrows at the bottom right corner.

Moving Home Items[]

Click the Furnishing Mode icon (MoveFurniture.png) at the upper left corner of the screen. Now, walk up to the furniture or other home item you want to move, click it and move around with the arrow keys (on the keyboard). Click the green, curved arrows to rotate the item. Once the item is in a desired position, click the item again to place it.

Moving Home Items


Storing furniture and other home items is very easy. Click the Furnishing Mode icon (MoveFurniture.png) at the upper left corner of the screen. Use the mouse cursor to select an item, then click the storage icon. The item will gracefully be placed in the storage. To use a stored item, click the Storage icon and just double-click the chosen item and it will pop back in your home.

Home Settings[]

Home Settings (IconHomeSettings.png) is a little blue window that has 2 categories. First is "Home" and second is "Room". In Home category you can change name of your home, see numbers of votes and join 'Home of the day' list (by clicking it).

Home Settings

While in Room category you can simply name the room and change it's privacy.

  • Public room
  • Friends only
  • Private room
Room Settings

Home of the day[]

Players can join the home of the day raffle by clicking on Join 'Home of the day' Raffle. Each day it picks a random home from those who joined the raffle. If nobody joined the raffle, the home with highest rating will be picked.

The Home of the day is displayed on the news window and anyone can visit the home by clicking on house icon.

News screen with the home of the day.

Home Item Lists[]

The list contains all home objects in MilMo. These are all items that are placed on your Storage( Home Storage Icon.png) which you can find inside your home.