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Mystery Box is a type of box similar to Lockboxes. It is opened by double-clicking when it is in your backpack.

It contains a wide variety of Weapons and Furniture. Almost all items obtained in the mystery box are sold for more than 5000 June Cash if they were purchased directly from the Cash Shop.



Sold on Cash Shop:

Price June Cash Price June Cash (IconPremium.png) Price Coins
9990 6993-30% 7992 5594.4-30% This item is not sold for coins.


Players can also win Mystery Boxes by taking part in community competitions (including those about costumes, collecting or taking a snapshot), which are generally held when an Event is taking place, with is give to who participate.

Member Reward[]

Member playes can get Mystery Boxes as part of the Monthly Item.


You can obtian all Legendary Items in the Mystery Box!

Related Medals

Mystery Box Opened.png Mystery Box Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained on Mystery Box:

Item Amount
Legendary Sword.png Legendary Sword 1
Legendary Skull.png Legendary Skull 1
Massive Vines.png Massive Vines 1
Mystic Tome.png Mystic Tome 1
Royal Bed.png Royal Bed 1
Retro Console.png Retro Console 1
Bone Wings.png Bone Wings 1
Phoenix Wings.png Phoenix Wings 1
The SquidPack.png The SquidPack 1
Legendary Ring.png Legendary Ring 1
Legendary Goggles.png Legendary Goggles 1
Legendary Scroll.png Legendary Scroll 1
Legendary Axe.png Legendary Axe 1
Legendary Hammer.png Legendary Hammer 1
Legendary Ray Gun.png Legendary Ray Gun 1
Legendary Bow.png Legendary Bow 1
Legendary Wand.png Legendary Wand 1
Doom Blade.png Doom Blade 1
Angelic Blade.png Angelic Blade 1
Magma Blade.png Magma Blade 1
Tidal Blade.png Tidal Blade 1
Storm Blade.png Storm Blade 1
Guard Shield.png Guard Shield 1
Legendary Crown.png Legendary Crown 1
Legendary Wings.png Legendary Wings 1
Aid Book.png Aid Book 1
Root Rod.png Root Rod 1
Gem Rod.png Gem Rod 1
Hunter's Knife.png Hunter's Knife 1
Horrendor Dirk.png Horrendor Dirk 1
Broad Blade.png Broad Blade 1
Knight's Dagger.png Knight's Dagger 1
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield 1
Legendary Bands.png Legendary Bands 1
Bronze Buckler.png Bronze Buckler 1
Ethereal Aegis.png Ethereal Aegis 1
Dancin' Jukebox.png Dancin' Jukebox 1
Gem Display.png Gem Display 1
Giant Clam.png Giant Clam 1
Home Entertainment System.png Home Entertainment System 1
Legendary Orb.png Legendary Orb 1
Legendary Fish.png Legendary Fish 1
Legendary Flower.png Legendary Flower 1

In other languages

Language Name
English English Mystery Box
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Caixa Misteriosa
Spanish Spanish (LA) Caja Misteriosa
French French Boîte Mystère
German German Mysteriöse Schachtel
Polish Polish Tajemnicze Pudełko
Romanian Romanian Cutie Misterioasă
Swedish Swedish Mystery Box