NPC is an abbreviation for Non-Player Character and generally refers to a character in the game who is not controlled by a player. It has a specific role whose purpose is simple interactivity with the player.

These characters can be traders, characters who offer Quests or just common residents of the world.

In MilMo, players can interact with the NPCs by getting close to them by pressing the 'F' key.


List of NPCsEdit

This is a list of NPCs found in MilMo.

Event NPCsEdit

NPC Area
Bella Seastar Resort
Scarecrow Cozyville
Fletcher Seastar Resort
Karhu Seastar Resort
Konrad Seastar Resort
Maya Seastar Resort
Morris Seastar Resort
Petra Temenos
Rosemary Seastar Resort
Snipper Kraken Island
Spike Seastar Resort

Summer Tide SagaEdit

NPC Area(s)
Alexis Mushroom Forest
Edgar Visitor Island
Arthur The Dunes
Cannoneer Swamp Island
Bryce Mushroom Forest, Swamp Island
Caleb Nikonos Island
Shopkeeper Kraken Island
Weapon Shopkeeper Treehouse Island
Ability Shopkeeper Treehouse Island
Potion Shopkeeper Treehouse Island
Cashier Cozyville
Edgar Cozyville
Pharmacist Cozyville
Fletcher Ancient Forest
Frank Lightmill Island
Gnurbaharb Cozyville
Greyer Ancient Forest
Gustav Cozyville
Hinkerspiel Lightmill Island
Jacob Treehouse Island
Judith Rose Island
Kim Cozyville
Mehitabel Swamp Island
Mimi Rhubarb Island
Ocka Rose Island
Oscar Lightmill Island
Philonous Visitor Island
Polly Ancient Forest
Ranulf Cozyville
Richard Kraken Island
Siegfried Rhubarb Island
Snipper Nikonos Island, Ancient Forest, Visitor Island, Eternal Monument, Cannon Island, Rhubarb Island
Spike Nikonos Island
Sveik Kraken Island
Thaddeus Rose Island
Tom Nikonos Island
June Shipping Co. All Areas
Trisha Water Lily Island
Salesman Swamp Island

Eternal Monument

Other CharactersEdit


NPC Area
The Queen The Sanctuary
Cashier (Coffee) Seastar Resort
Cashier (Ice Cream) Seastar Resort
Captain Seastar Resort
Captain Yacht
Chloe Seastar Resort
Shopkeeper Seastar Resort
Bartender Yacht
Bellhop Seastar Resort
Natasha Yacht
Raoul Seastar Resort

Air WorldEdit

NPC Area
Aurax All Areas
Sentinel 7 All Areas
Lavinia Ejekatl

Other CharactersEdit

Mice & ManiaxEdit

NPC Area
Blue The Refuge
Lost Doll Crawlspace
Bryce Spooky Island
Scratches Flea Circus
Gray Spooky Island, The Refuge
Green All Areas (except Spooky Island)
Neoptera Flea Circus
Bitey Flea Circus
Portia Flea Circus
Purple The Refuge
Nutcracker The Refuge
Red Kitchen
Siggie The Refuge
Yellow Living Room

Other CharactersEdit