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On Hiring Heroes is a World Object as it can be interacted with.


Prior to employment, a hero must present his/her certification in the form of a badge. If no badge is presented, the hero must complete the training program approved by the Town Council in order to receive such a badge. In times of Severe Hardship, all heroes hired by the town must have no less than Legendary status. Should the town be attacked by any form of gigantic and/or invisible threat, all heroes will be required to attain Epic Legendary rank. In the rare event that the town be in danger of being devoured or battered by meteors, heroes must be of Triple-Super Epic Legendary status or higher.


 • None

Related Quests

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In other languages

Language Name
English English On Hiring Heroes
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Heróis de Aluguel
Spanish Spanish (LA) Contratando Héroes
French French On Hiring Heroes
German German On Hiring Heroes
Polish Polish On Hiring Heroes
Romanian Romanian On Hiring Heroes
Swedish Swedish On Hiring Heroes
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