On Pins and Needles

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On Pins and Needles is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Lost Doll.png Lost Doll: Once I've learned to sew, I'll be able to mend my stitching. Maybe I'll even get to move around! Until then, I need 7 PINS to hold myself together. You can get them from PANZERBUGS. I'll give you 450 GEMS and 1 COIN. 


CRAWLSPACE: Fight the PANZERBUGS to get 7 PINS. Bring them to the LOST DOLL.



Lost Doll.png Lost Doll: I'll give you 450 GEMS and 1 COIN for 7 PINS. You can find them by defeating PANZERBUGS. Please hurry! I think my left arm is coming undone. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • Pin.png Pin: That's plenty of pins for the lost doll.:

Quest Completion Dialogue

Lost Doll.png Lost Doll: I hope those pins will hold. I'd be so embarrassed if my arm were to fall off! Thank you for getting them. 

In other languages

Language Name
English English On Pins and Needles
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Nos Alfinetes e nas Agulhas
Spanish Spanish (LA) Sobre Seguros y Agujas
French French On Pins and Needles
German German On Pins and Needles
Polish Polish On Pins and Needles
Romanian Romanian On Pins and Needles
Swedish Swedish On Pins and Needles
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