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Parvulu Egg is a hostile Monster in MilMo.


Parvulu Egg can be found in the following Areas:

Location (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Aviary.png Aviary 6 ~100% 7 seconds

Related Quests

  • None

Related Medals

Defeating Parvulu Egg can unlock the following Medals:

  • No related medals.

Parvulu Egg Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating Parvulu Egg:

Item (Amount) Probability
Gems.png Gem (1-4) 75%
Gems.png Gem (1-4) 50%
Gems.png Gem (1-4) 33%
Arrow.png Arrow (1) 2.5%
Gems.png Gem (Large) (1-3) 2%
Parvulu.png Parvulu (1) 100%
Health Potion.png Health Potion (1) 0.1%
Running Potion.png Running Potion (1) 0.05%
10 x Rag Converter.png 10 x Rag Converter (1) 0.05%
Jumping Potion.png Jumping Potion (1) 0.05%
Ocean Potion.png Ocean Potion (1) 0.05%
Cell.png Cell (1) 0.05%
Bolt of Cloth Converter.png Bolt of Cloth Converter (1) 0.02%
Wood Chunk Converter.png Wood Chunk Converter (1) 0.02%
Spool of Thread Converter.png Spool of Thread Converter (1) 0.02%
Iron Scrap Converter.png Iron Scrap Converter (1) 0.02%
Telepod.png Telepod (1) 0.001%

Item (Amount) Event Probability
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1) Alchemy Event 20%
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1) Alchemy Event 10%
Icicle.png Icicle (1) Winterfest 10%
Halloween Candy.png Halloween Candy (1-2) Halloween 10%
Heroic Scroll.png Heroic Scroll (1) Fallen Heroes 10%

In other languages

Language Name
English English Parvulu Egg
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Ovo de Parvulu
Spanish Spanish (LA) Huevo de Parvulu
French French Œuf de Parvulu
German German Parvulu-Ei
Polish Polish Jajo Parvulu
Romanian Romanian Ou de Parvulu
Swedish Swedish Parvulu Egg
Miniature Parvulu Egg.png Parvulu Egg